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Torro Plus

Upholstery Fabric
54.2% Polyurethane, 26.3% Polyester 19.5% Cotton
137cm ± 2%
BS EN ISO 5470-2:2003 Method 1 60,000 Rubs
Flame Retardancy:
BS 7176:2007 Low Hazard.
BS 7176:2007 Medium Hazard.
BS EN 1021-1:2006 (Cigarette).
BS EN 1021-2:2006 (Match).
BS 5852:Section 4 Ignition Source 5 FMVSS 302 Motor Vehicle Safety.
Note: Flammability performance is dependent on foam used.  
Light Fastness:
BS EN ISO 105 - BO2:1999 - 5
Fastness to Rubbing Wet & Dry:
BS EN ISO 105 - X12:2002 - 5 5 Lengthway, 5 Widthway (Wet & Dry)
Tensile Strength:
BS EN ISO 13934-1:1999 Lengthway 650N, Widthway 610N
Tear Resistance:
BS EN ISO 13937-2:2000 Torn across length 31N, Torn across width 38N
Sea Water Fastness:
BS EN ISO 105 - EO2:1996 - 5
Colour Matching:
Batch to batch variations in shade may occur within commercial tolerances. We recommend that fabric be examined before use as no claims will be considered after cutting.
Product Development:
We reserve the right to change the specification of our product in line with our product development programme without notice.
Fabric Care and Maintenance:
Use a damp clean cloth with a solution of mild soap and lukewarm water. Please refer to our fabric care guide.
Technical Assistance:
Our technical staff will be pleased to offer advice on F.R. and other matters.


Generally ex-stock
Fabric guaranteed for 3 years under normal wear and tear, see our terms and conditions.

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